My experience includes 10 years researching, examining, photographing, mapping, walking, flying, sampling and testing the California stone lines and associated structures primarily in the Shasta Valley and the Sutter Buttes.

Dave Cuneo and I spent over a year mapping 800+ miles of California’s stone lines in Google Earth. These maps disclosed a huge amount of new information about the stone lines.  The lines form strange networks totally unlike anything we would build. 

We mapped 17 of these bizarre clusters and I took over 200,000 photos of these structures primarily from the Shasta Valley and the Sutter Buttes Clusters.

Many people are aware of the famous East Bay Walls, in the Oakland Hills near San Francisco Bay.  The present remnants of the East Bay Walls make up only small portion of the stone lines in the State.  This said the East Bay Walls are still spectacular. 

The stones used in California's stone lines, cairns, erratics, ground decorations, etc. have artificial characteristics in common.

Known ancient Megalithic Builder constructions in Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Easter Island, South America etc. also have these same characteristics.

These characteristics are signs of artificiality and a technology.

Some of the characteristics require no more expertise than to just know they exist and what to look for.  A couple of the characteristics do require some knowledge of geology. 

Learning to identify these characteristics and how to defend them enables anyone to identify and prove up megalithic construction.



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