On the rocks there are many different surface coatings.  Some are biological, others are mineral in nature and not natural.  The mineral coatings come in all different colors and flavors.  I have had over 20 of these coatings analyzed by X-ray Diffraction.  The mineral combinations found are bizarre.


The first sample coating tested was a white glass coating on a piece of Shasta andesite. The glass turned out to be 98% quartz (SiO2)..

There is no geological process in nature which can account for the source of the quartz or the continuous source of heat with a minimum of 1700°C (3,000°F) needed to melt the quartz.  This coating required a technology.

 First 3 photos are original rock after cleaning off a thick layer of rock inhabiting fungi.  The 4th is where Attard Minerals had to grind off a piece to test.  Look closely at the edges of bare areas in the first 3 photos.

Shasta sample 01 Shasta sample 01 Shasta white quartz glass coating Shasta white quartz glass coating

The second sample tested was 88% quartz.  It was taken from a rock that is still in situ.

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Looking deeper into the white coatings reveled many others tested positive for calcite and analyses came back with bizarre minerals and/or combinations of said bizzare minerals. (Will put up analyses results in this sections.)

Shasta Valley White Coating Shast White Coating Shasta white coating Shasta white coating Shasta white coating Shasta white coating Shasta white coating Shasta white coating Shasta white coating Shasta coatngs

Colored coatings:

   Inside of cave in equinox point