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This site is an attempt organize thoughts, information and photos of strange rock structures found in California, Oregon and Nevada. In 2008 on a trip to Oregon during a stop near East Louie Road in the Shasta Valley a few photographs were taken of some nearby rock lines. On subsequent trips in conversations with local residents they stated rock lines were known locally as the "Chinese Walls" and were ranching fences built by the Chinese, occasionally Portuguese immigrants or ranchers children were cited as the builders. 'Archaeological Explorations in Shasta Valley, California', by Bossom Hamusek, Eric W. Ritter and Julie Burcell published in 1997 concludes the rock lines were built for ranching walls and field clearing and credited Portuguese immigrants. The physical evidence presented here in the form of photographs and maps clearly show the hundreds and hundreds of miles of unmodified rock lines that do not, can not, and never have served any modern function. The rock lines were an engineering project with portions that would present an interesting and very expensive challenge for modern equipment.

Many rock lines are seamlessly interwoven with rock stacks and both appear to be a similar age though academia places them over 300,000 years apart. Through out the valley the rock stacks have many artificial characteristics such as holes, grooves, smooth curved surfaces, flat smooth surfaces, impossible surface coatings and more.

Most rock stacks contain rocks having areas of colored coatings. One of these coatings is a very hard white substance that test results reveal to be a quartz glass. The case for the white quartz glass being artificial is simple, strong and supported by plentiful physical evidence. There are many other artificial characteristics to the rock stacks, but the white quartz glass looks impossible to explain away as natural and appears to be a creation of a technology capable of shaping rock. Anyone aware of any argument otherwise, supported by physical evidence of course, it would be appreciated if you would share it.

The rectangular rock facade on the South Buttes of the Sutter Buttes is unlike any other rock formation in the Buttes. From "lavas were so viscous that they accumulated at the surface as thick, pasty blobs, or lava domes" to rows of rectangular rocks?

The Weed Mima Mounds are surrounded by known artificial rock patterns covering thousands of acres.

This is just a portion of what is there, the physical evidence indicates someone in the deep past was busy, busy, doing lots of strange and difficult things with the rocks in the Shasta Valley and the Sutter Buttes. No historical evidence exists and only the physical evidence of the rocks remain, but there is no shortage of that.

Designed to be a semi-private site, anyone is welcome to look and download for non-commercial purposes only photographs and other material contained herein. (Almost all images can be right clicked for a higher resolution version.) The site is in a perpetual state of construction and reorganization, updated irregularly and many pages are just rough drafts. Too much attitude, bad writing and worse jokes, but a very interesting rabbit hole.